Episode 15

Taking Stock of Your Self


April 5th, 2019

1 hr 12 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

In 2008 Mike Merrill decided to portion ownership of himself into 100,000 shares and sell off ownership of some of those shares.

The initial shares of his "stock" were mostly purchased by friends and family with few strangers deciding to partake. Mike decided to maintain the

majority of his stocks for himself but pledged them to be non-voting. From this point on he began running all major life decisions by his investors and

hung his hat on the hope that these people would make decisions which best suited him in order to see their investment grow.

What came next, from the outside, was a series of decisions that would lead to Mike having a lower quality of life in order to be more productive for his investors.

His investors voted to have him stop sleeping at night and would have got him a vasectomy without the involvement of his now ex-girlfriend.

Although shares are not as valuable as they once were, Mike has enjoyed a level of celebrity he otherwise would have been unlikely to achieve.

With his newfound fame it appears his stock has attracted others who might have the end goals of making his life harder in an effort to troll him.

In this episode we discuss whether or not this is a fun experience or if this is just the beginning of a bleak future where people are selling control of themselves for money.

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