Episode 6

China's Social Credit System


January 5th, 2019

1 hr 14 mins 34 secs

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China has begun "early-access" of their social credit system. If you've seen Black Mirror, the episode titled "Nosedive" is very similar to what they're implementing for their citizens. It's rumored to be mandatory by 2020.

They are planning on having a 360-degree surveillance and rating system in place. Time spent on video games, making frivolous purchases, communications in text or social media. What kind of news or content you're sharing.

You'll also be connected to your friends who can affect your score negatively.

There's special incentives for being an early adopter. It's using the video game achievement model for controlling its citizens.

People have already been banned from domestic flights within China or getting business tickets on the train based on their scores.

There are incentives being suggested for having a better score to have things like free shipping or a faster internet.

All good dictatorships depend on citizens snitching on each other.

It's reminiscient of the US struggles with McCarthyism to spy on your neighbors to report if they were Communists.

It's not that farfetched that we're in a similar situation in the US with our credit system and how much it affects your ability to do things. US citizens just happen to be more subservient to corporations, as opposed to China who is more government-based.

(See Wikipedia article on Sesame Credit)

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